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Class Format

Professor Joe believes in and lives the complete jiu-jitsu lifestyle, dedicating himself to conditioning, eating healthy, and training under Master Soca. It is those learning principals and lifestyle beliefs that Professor Joe brings to his students. He will promote clean eating habits and all of the traditional training principals around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while incorporating MMA training and conditioning.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes & MMA Training Format

Students will follow some of the following:

Falling Techniques: It is very important for the student to learn the techniques of falling to avoid injury since our style teaches take-downs as well as throws.

Basic Punching and Kicking: Our style has continue to practice these techniques. Therefore the student is to learn how and where to punch and kick effectively.

Escape From Attackers: The student will learn how to escape from different holds. (choke, arm grabs, bear hug, to name a few).

Joint Techniques: The student will learn how to apply a joint technique from grabs and holds bringing the opponent to submission.

Throws: The student will learn the Judo techniques of throwing and opponent defending himself / herself from and attacker.

Fighting Techniques: As the student progresses he or she will learn how to apply these techniques on a more realistic application. Classes will be broken down into beginners and advanced students studying both Gi and No-Gi techniques.

Wrestling Techniques: Learn takedown techniques, head and arm control, as well as side control techniques.

MMA Technique and Conditioning Training: Learn Boxing, Kickboxing, Mauy Thai in a cage, while learning cage control and utilizing MMA conditioning programs to promote excellent cardio and strength and conditioning. Dieting and healthy eating principals will also be incorporated into this program as well.


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